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When using the methods "add_concurrent_index" or "add_column_with_default"
you must disable the use of transactions as these methods can not run in an
existing transaction. When using "add_concurrent_index" make sure that this
method is the _only_ method called in the migration, any other changes
should go in a separate migration. This ensures that upon failure _only_ the
index creation fails and can be retried or reverted easily.

To disable transactions uncomment the following line and remove these

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$ git clone [email protected]:chriseppstein/compass.git
$ cd compass
$ open 


# Make a new branch
$ git checkout -b -your-name--update-docs-AddSidekiqThrottlingToApplicationSettings-change-for-pr

# Commit to git
$ git add 
$ git commit -m "better docs for AddSidekiqThrottlingToApplicationSettings#change"

# Open pull request
$ gem install hub # on a mac you can `brew install hub`
$ hub fork
$ git push <your name> -your-name--update-docs-AddSidekiqThrottlingToApplicationSettings-change-for-pr
$ hub pull-request

# Celebrate!